Owner of ‘significant amount’ of cash comes forward

The man discovered the "significant amount" of money near Abbey Street.
The man discovered the "significant amount" of money near Abbey Street.

The rightful owner of a substantial amount of cash found lying on a street in Derry has been found.

The person, who does not want to be identified, dropped the money whilst walking along Abbey Street in the Bogside last week.

A man, who asked not to be named, found the money last Tuesday morning on his way to work.

The man appealed, through www.derryjournal.com, for the rightful owner to come forward.

The amount of money was several thousand pounds.

“A woman contacted me and was able to tell me things about a few other items I found along with the money. There was no way she could have known about these things unless she was the rightful owner of the money.

“I arranged to meet her in Frankie Ramsey’s in William Street. Again, she was able to tell me things that only the rightful owner could have known. I told her I would meet her in the same place in an hour and give her back the money.”

The man returned to his house to retrieve the money and when he went back to Frankie Ramsey’s to meet the woman again he was invited back to her home to meet her family.

“Her face was like a picture,” said the man. “I met with her again and she invited me to her house where I met her family. They were all delighted. It was like they had won the Lotto.”

The woman and her family thanked the man for his honesty and gave him a substantial amount of money as a reward.

“I couldn’t believe it - I was just delighted that I had found the rightful owner - they didn’t have to give me anything but they insisted,” said the man.

“I am just glad that there has been a happy ending and the money has been returned to the rightful owner,” he added.