Paddy Bogside caught in XL bust

Well-known Derry business man, Paddy 'Bogside' Doherty is planning to finish his holiday in the West Indies despite being one of the thousands of people affected after the holiday company XL went bust.

Paddy, who is travelling with his wife Eileen and daughter Paddy-Anne, is not due to return back to Derry until next Wednesday. Paddy, who worked in the island of Tobago in the early 1970s, had gone back to visit friends. However the family were distressed to learn of the company’s fate earlier this week.

The Doherty family, however, are one of the lucky ones.

His son Declan told the ‘Journal’ that the family have been assured of a flight home because they booked the holiday through a travel company.

“It’s not a major problem,” he said. “They travel agent has organised for them to come home. They are having a great time and are determined to enjoy the rest of the holiday. They are just glad they got away before all this happened.”

Last Friday holiday firm XL was forced to ground 21 planes leaving 90,000 people abroad, and tens of thousands more without flights to sunnier climates.