Parent ‘disgusted’ as anonymous threat issued to 12-years-old boy

Independent Councillor Warren Robinson. DER1816GS029
Independent Councillor Warren Robinson. DER1816GS029

A Derry mother has said she is “disgusted” after an anonymous threat was issued against her 12-years-old son.

The woman contacted local Independent Councillor Warren Robinson after receiving the letter by post several days ago.

The woman said she was horrified by the “shocking” language used, particularly the message: “If he continues to do what he is doing, then we will drive you and the scum you have given birth to from your home.”

The letter accuses the boy of anti-social behaviour and warns: “If this does not stop we will make it stop. There will be no more warnings!”

The boy’s mother said that she was well aware that there had been difficulties in the past, but said she has been pro-active in addressing those and that her son is now in counselling and getting help with anger management.

“It is disgusting,” she said. “If they had any decency they would come to the door. Anybody that comes to my door, it is sorted straight away.

“I’m a single mother raising children; I am doing my best and I don’t keep well. It’s terrible and I’m afraid of him going out, although he stays in now most of the time.”

The mother said the letter has left her son traumatised.

Colr. Robinson said he has spent several days attempting to authenticate the threat.

He said: “The family is obviously very concerned about this and she is frightened that someone may actually follow through with the threats.

“I would say that this threat does nothing to resolve any difficulties within the area and whoever has sent the letter should immediately make themselves known and withdraw any threat contained within it.

“The typed letter arrived in an envelope and was addressed to ‘The Occupier.’ But the actual letter was anonymous and I would be concerned that whoever is behind this is not prepared to identify themselves, yet is prepared to instil fear on an entire family.

“I have spoken to community organisations which provide mediation services in the area and they have confirmed that none of the armed groups have issued any threat against any member of this family, not least the 12-years-old child.”

He added: “But because a threat has been made against this child I am also assured that services exit, in the area, which were set up to mediate in disputes between families and I would urge anyone with a grievance to use one of the services rather than send anonymous letters.

“If there are issues then I will make myself available to speak to anyone with a view to resolving them, between and within the local community.”