Parking anger at Harberton Park

Lynn Fleming (SF)
Lynn Fleming (SF)

Residents of Harberton Park in the Waterside have said motorists using the area as an all-day car park are preventing bin lorries from collecting rubbish.

People living in the street have claimed people are using the street as a free car park and that local residents are not able to park outside their own homes.

Residents said the parking situation got so bad last week that a bin lorry was unable to get into the street for the weekly refuse collection.

Local Sinn Féin councillor Lynn Fleming appealed to motorists to show consideration for the residents of the area.

The former mayor said parking has become a daily problem for people living in the street.

“I have received a number of complaints from residents in the Harberton Park area who are being faced with parking problems outside their homes on a daily basis,” she said.

Colr. Fleming said some of the people who are parking in the area are getting the bus at the nearby Altnagelvin stop to commute to Belfast.

“Because of the close proximity of their homes to Altnagelvin and the bus pick up points for the Belfast bus, parking each day between the hours of 7am to 6pm has become a massive issue particularly in the last few months as the problem has escalated. Many feel the area is now being used as an all-day car park,” she explained.

The councillor also said local residents are worried about access for emergency vehicles. “There have been a number of problems recently with bin collections having to be delayed because the bin lorry couldn’t get up the street.

“There is a concern that if the bin lorry cannot get up the street that the likes of the emergency services would face similar problems and that cannot be allowed to happen.

“Many residents are angry that they are been hemmed into their homes by this inconsiderate parking.

“We also have to take into consideration residents who have disabilities, children are also being prevented from playing on the street due to the amount of cars being parked on the roadway and the dangers this throws up,” she said.

Colr. Fleming said there are car parks in the area and a park and ride facility at Drumahoe and appealed to motorists to use these as alternatives to parking in Harberton Park.

“I am calling on motorists who are going to Altnagelvin or are taking the bus to Belfast to use the car parks at the hospital or the park and ride facilities at Drumahoe,” she said.