Parking: Hazzard visits Derry to look at issues

Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard arrived in the Bogside and Aberfoyle areas today survey the traffic and parking situation in the areas.

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 3:21 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th June 2016, 5:22 pm
Pictured with Department for Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard is Adrian Kerr from the Museum of Free Derry and Colm Barton from Triax Neighbourhood Management Team.

Mr Hazzard met with community representatives to discuss concerns about parking at the Lisfannon Park and around the University campus areas.

Speaking during a tour of the area, Minister Hazzard said: “I am pleased to have an opportunity to meet with local community representatives and discuss their concerns.

“I understand the issues residents are facing in relation to parking and I will be meeting with my officials in the coming weeks to discuss issues around residents parking generally.”

Mr Hazzard added: “It is important to consider the impact of any scheme on adjacent residential areas, but I intend to look at all the options and will engage with the local community as further decisions are made.”

Residents in both areas have repeatedly complained about the issues they face on a daily basis trying to park near their homes and also issues with some visitors blocking them in their driveways on a regular basis.