Part time traffic lights for Pennyburn roundabout

New traffic lights at the Pennyburn Roundabout. DER1215MC001
New traffic lights at the Pennyburn Roundabout. DER1215MC001

Traffic lights are to be installed at the Pennyburn roundabout in the coming weeks but they will only be used on a part time basis, the Journal can reveal.

Motorists may have noticed the new lights being constructed at the junction however at the moment they remain covered up. It’s expected they will become operational within weeks.

TransportNI say work is ongoing for the provision of part time signals on two approaches to the Pennyburn Roundabout, at Fort George.

Both the Buncrana Road approach and the Culmore Road approach to the roundabout will be controlled with traffic signals during the busy morning peak flows.

A spokesperson said: “The primary purpose of the scheme is to manage the traffic flows during the busy morning period into the City from the Culmore Road approach.

“The Part Time signals would activate each morning to manage the peak flows.

“It is hoped that the new signals will be in operation early in April or May of this year. The travelling public will be notified well in advance prior to the new arrangement being implemented.”