Partridge conservation project gets underway

The grey partridge
The grey partridge

A plan to re-introduce an extinct farmland bird to Inishowen is underway.

A number of leading agencies and local associations have become involved in the ‘GLAS scheme for Grey Partridge’ at Burt and Inch.

GLAS stands for Garden Landscape Amenity Sportsturf.

The grey partridge is a locally extinct farmland bird considered to be of traditional importance within the Irish countryside.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the National Parks and wildlife Service, the Heritage Council, Inch Island Gun Club and their parent group NARG are collaborating in the re-introduction of the game bird which is a member of the pheasant family.

A walk around the area took place this week at Bryce’s Farm during which a grey partridge was released.

More about the scheme and the grey partridge can be found out at