Patsy Duffy commemoration this weekend

Volunteer Patsy Duffy.
Volunteer Patsy Duffy.

A wreath laying ceremony will take place this weekend to mark the anniversary of Volunteer Patrick (Patsy) Duffy, who was killed by British soldiers.

The wreath laying commemoration will take place at the City Cemetery on Sunday at 1pm, as in being organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

The poster for the Memorial Service.

The poster for the Memorial Service.

Mr Duffy, who came from the Bishop Street area and later lived in the Brandywell, was unarmed when he was murdered by undercover British soldiers, believed to be members of the SAS.

The father of six was killed on November 24, 1978 as he went to check on weapons which he had held on behalf of the IRA.

A spokesman for the organisers of the event said: “This was one of the first shoot to kill murders carried out by the S.A.S.

“Patsy was killed by a hail of 31 bullets; 14 of which struck Patsy who was unarmed at the time in the back.

“Although a lifelong republican many were shocked that Patsy, a man aged in his fifties would still have been involved in militant Republicanism.

“Patsy was however, a committed and valued Volunteer within the Derry Brigade of the IRA, controlling a network of arms dumps throughout the city.

“Patsy’s commitment to the Republican cause meant that he was determined to play a full and active roll in the armed struggle. It was this dedication in ending the British occupation of Ireland that lead him to make the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of Irish Freedom.”