Paul Casey launches ‘Big World’

Paul Casey. (1612JC1)
Paul Casey. (1612JC1)

Having toured all over Europe and even played Russia’s Kremlin Palace Derry musician Paul Casey will launch his latest album, Big World, at 5.30pm today at Cool Discs on Foyle Street.

It’s been another successful year for the local songwriter, with his music being picked up for various TV shows in America and embarking on a 50-date European tour with friend and mentor, Chris Rea. But it’s the new “epic” sounding album that really excites Paul Casey. Big World will be launched from 5.30pm today (Friday) at Cool Discs, where Paul will perform an exclusive acoustic set of new and favoured material.

He’ll also be on BBC Radio Ulster’s Gerry Anderson Show this morning, with his band, from 10.30am until 12pm. And he’ll end another fruitful year with his massive annual gig at the City Hotel on Friday, December 30, too.

Paul Casey thrives on keeping busy. “I’ve spent the past two years on tour after tour,” he says. “Then I engineered Chris’ new album because he loved the sound of my new album. So he gave me a budget to kit out the studio with all the equipment I wanted, that was a great experience.”

“I’ve been working with Chris for 12 years now and it’s been amazing. We did 50 gigs on our last tour together, playing to thousands every night. We toured Europe and even played the Kremlin palace in Russia! It was great, playing places I never would have imagined. In Derry, I play in a bar, but when I’m playing with Chris it’s a whole different ballgame. The smallest gigs we did were around 2,000 people while the bigger ones could be 6,000 people!”

Tickets for Paul Casey’s Christmas Show at the City Hotel, priced £10, are available from his website or Cool Discs on: 71. 260770 or the City Hotel on: 71. 365800. ‘Big World’ is available both from Cool Discs and: