Paula gets the chop in ‘Shave for the Brave’

Paula before, during and after the charity chop.
Paula before, during and after the charity chop.

Roe Valley woman, Paula McCloskey, isn’t feeling so great with a bit of a cold, she jokingly blames on recently getting her head shaved.

It’s a small price the big hearted Dungiven woman is happy to pay as she had her hair chopped off for charity.

Paula, who lives and works in Limavady, was inspired to have her head shaved for charity after the loss of her best friend and her brother-in-law. Her best friend of more than a decade, 41-year-old Leona Woods, died in March after battling Leukaemia. Two months earlier, Paula’s brother-in-law Liam ‘Tilly’ McElhinney passed away, aged 48 on January 23 after a 16-month long battle with esophageal cancer.

The 51-year-old said both Leona, who she met through their work at Limavady Taxis and Tilly were in the City Hospital in Belfast at the same time. When they passed away, Paula said she knew knew she had to do something. That something happened on September 11th at The Depot in Limavady where daughter Lisa did the honours.

Now her locks are gone, Paula said: “It was a bit odd the first couple of days, especially the bare neck but you soon get used to it. It must be very hard for women who lose their hair. This is a small price to pay,” said Paula. Paula is well on her way to raising £2,000 to be split between the charities Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI and Cancer Research UK. She thanks everyone who helped on the night, those who donated and especially her daughter Lisa and niece, Emma.