PBP candidate vows to lobby for kerbside recycling

Sha Gillespie, Derry City Council People Before Profit candidate.
Sha Gillespie, Derry City Council People Before Profit candidate.

Derry City Council People Before Profit candidate Sha Gillespie has said that if elected she will lobby for a kerbside recycling service.

Ms Gillespie said that most parts of the North of Ireland have already got such a routine facility.

“Most people are worried about the environment and want to do something to help,” Ms Gillespie said.

“A kerbside recycling service is vital if the new Derry and Strabane District Council is to do its bit for saving the planet and save ratepayers’ money at the same time.

“In most other Council areas, kerbside recycling is now the norm and it has greatly increased the amount of waste that is recycled, and reduced the amount that goes to landfill.”

Ms Gillespie elaborated that kerbside recycling meant people could leave out their recyclable waste, already separated, for people in vans to come along and collect it in separate containers before they bring it to the recycling centre. “Kerbside recycling allows you to recycle a lot of items that currently we cannot put in our blue bins, like aluminium foil, old hand-tools, deodorant or hairspray cans, batteries, Foil Pie and bun cases, takeaway containers etc,” she said.

Ms Gillespie admits that her proposals are “a lot more labour intensive that chucking everything from the blue bins in together but”, she claims, “that’s the beauty: it creates good, clean, green jobs that pay for themselves within a couple of years. They pay for themselves through the money gained by having lots of clean recyclables and, crucially, because we won’t have to pay EU fines for putting so much in landfill.

“These EU fines could run to millions each year for a Council like the new Derry and Strabane District Council.”