Peace Bridge features on new can of Harp; Carl Frampton says new tins are ‘class’

22 August 2017 - Picture by Darren Kidd /Press Eye.
22 August 2017 - Picture by Darren Kidd /Press Eye.

Derry’s Peace Bridge features on a new can of Harp as part of new campaign by Diageo to underline the brand’s particularly Northern Irish associations.

Seven limited edition ‘Pure Here’ lager cans and a newly designed 12 pack featuring some of “the best bits of Northern Ireland: from Derry’s Peace Bridge to the orchards of Armagh, from the brave souls bog snorkelling in Tyrone to those with a head for heights scaling Fermanagh’s Stairway to Heaven and crossing Antrim’s freaky rope bridge” have been newly released, says the company.

Boxing legend Carl Frampton, who has been working with Harp on the can launch, said: “The new Harp cans are class.

“I love them all but it’s hard not to pick Belfast as my favourite. I’ve travelled a lot in my career but I always love coming back to Northern Ireland, it’s definitely true what they say - there’s no place like home.”

Harp Brand Manager Jeanette Levis added: “I spend a huge amount of time in Northern Ireland and it’s one of my favourite places.

“To be part of this campaign has been truly special and allowed me to see some of the most iconic and hidden gems Northern Ireland has to offer. We were thinking of producing one Pure Here can to celebrate everything about Northern Ireland, but once we started writing the list of things we wanted to include, we knew we needed one for every county.

“Each can has some hidden quirks, my personal favourite is the Hands Across the Divide cheers-ing a pint, but I am sure everyone else will have their own.”

Diageo cleverly side-stepped the Derry/Londonderry name controversy by using ‘Legenderry’ on the Derry can.

However, Sliabh Liag, the Shannon Pot or the Clones roundtower will not be appearing on a beer can near you as Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan aren’t included in the campaign. It’s a strictly six county affair.

According to Diageo Harp was created in 1960 under the guidance of the distinguished German brewer Dr. Herman Muender and is now brewed in St. James’ Gate Dublin, “specifically for the people of Northern Ireland”.

Although there are six counties in the North there are seven new cans: Pure Tyrone, Pure Armagh, Pure Antrim, Pure Down, Pure Legenderry, Pure Fermanagh and Pure Belfast – for those city dwellers with loyalties split between Antrim and Down.

Eagle-eyed Harp fans may spot fun visuals of ‘hidden’ quirks showing up in the designs, alongside some of our most iconic landmarks including:

Pure Antrim – The Dark Hedges and Dunluce Castle;

Pure Legenderry – The City Walls and Hands Across the Divide;

Pure Fermanagh – The lakes and the Marble Arch Caves;

Pure Down – Scrabo Tower and the Mourne Mountains;

Pure Tyrone – The Sperrins and Beaghmore Stone Circles;

Pure Belfast – The Albert Clock and Titanic Centre;

Pure Armagh – The Observatory and Palace Stables.

The limited edition 12 pack are on shelf today but for a limited time only – so get in quick.