Pensioners talk on Grey FM

87-year old Jimmy Keenan in the radio studio. (2801eh8)
87-year old Jimmy Keenan in the radio studio. (2801eh8)

A Derry production company have made a new documentary charting the lives of a group of energetic pensioners who created their own radio show.

Besom Productions helped to make Grey FM, which follows members of the ‘Afternoon Delight’ team that includes 87-year old singing sensation Jimmy Keenan and 69-year old Sean McCaffrey and his wife Colette, who juggle their radio duties with a hectic home life.

Afternoon Delight is the only radio show in Northern Ireland that is made by pensioners for pensioners, and they come together once a week to broadcast live to listeners.

Aaron Black, who filmed and directed the programme said: “As a society we’re probably getting more used to hearing from an older generation, who didn’t always have a voice in the past, campaigning for the issues that affect them. Grey FM lets viewers meet some of those involved in the radio programme that is made for and aimed at senior citizens.”

Grey FM is on BBC One on Monday night at 10.35pm.