People Before Profit candidate launches election campaign

People Before Profit Derry City Council candidate, Sha Gillespie.
People Before Profit Derry City Council candidate, Sha Gillespie.

People Before Profit candidate in Foyleside Sha Gillespie launched her campaign in Guildhall Square at the weekend.

Speaking to supporters, Ms. Gillespie pledged that, if elected, her first action will be to demand the withdrawal of the official “consent form” handed out to all candidates. She described the document as “deeply sexist”.

The form lists who is eligible and who is not to be a candidate.

“’If he holds any office,’ ‘if he receives a severance payment.,’ ‘if he has’...

“Throughout the document, it’s he, he, he. As if women didn’t have any separate existence from men. I felt outrage the instant I looked at it.

“This is 19th century thinking in a 21st century election - an insult to all women which will anger a lot of men, too.

“I can make this promise - that if I am elected on May 22 as a councillor, May 23 will see the beginning of the end for this sort of thing.”

Endorsing Ms. Gillespie, former MP Bernadette McAliskey said:

“Putting the basic needs of people before personal or corporate gain is a principle worth defending in councils, in factories, on the streets and at the ballot box. That is why I support People Before Profit in this election.

“People should have a chance to vote for principles, not power blocs. Sha Gillespie has consistently defended the rights of the least powerful with courage and integrity for all of her adult life. She is a great candidate, I consider it a privilege and joy to support her in this campaign,” she said.