People of Inishowen are urged to ‘Bin the Bills’ in protest this weekend

As Irish Water meter installers moved into Inishowen this week, Right2Water in Donegal are encouraging people from across Inishowen to attend Saturdays ‘Bin the Bills ‘protest in Letterkenny.

There were unconfirmed reports on social media yesterday that meter installers had been seen working at Ard Ban in Muff and in Quigley’s Point early in the morning.

A number of people from campaign groups visited the area but it is understood there were no installers present on their arrival.

Spokesperson Maire Mc Fhearraigh called on householders to go along on Saturday and ensure the protest is as well attended as those previously held in the county.

Philip Mc Fadden of Right2Water Inishowen said: “The water charges can be defeated by a combination of Protest, Political Pressure and non-payment. The message we will be sending out on Saturday is - we are not paying - and we stand in solidarity with all who take that stance.”

Owen Curran of Right2Water West Donegal added: “Protests like this one are important. They send out a very visible and vocal message that we have not gone away.”

The protest will be assembling at Mr Chippy, Letterkenny at 2pm on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Buncrana Against Irish Water Group will be handing out leaflets in the next week asking people to “stand strong with the rest of the country and boycott Irish Water bills.”

Spokesperson James Quigley told the Journal: “Do not pay. You can destroy the bills, you can hold on to them or you can return to sender.

“It is up to you. If you choose return to sender you can get a sticker on our web page or facebook page. No stamp required.

He added: “If we can get enough people not to pay then Irish Water will not be viable. Remember we are not only fighting for ourselves but for our children, our future generation.

“We understand that bills are frightening and that people can be intimidated but we can hold out at least until the next general election. There is no need to panic about your bills. We have plenty of time to decide what to do.”

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