People Before Profit councillor Shaun Harkin calls for pay justice for civil servants

People Before Profit councillor Shaun Harkin has said he was proud to stand with thousands of civil servants on the picket line demanding pay justice on Friday.

Friday, 24th January 2020, 4:23 pm
Shaun Harkin (right) with striking workers on the picket line on Friday.

"Unlike MLAs the vast majority of civil servants are not well paid.

"They have faced year on year pay cuts for the last decade. Come April there are civil servants with 20 years plus of service who will be earning less than the minimum wage based on their earnings right now. Some hard working civil servants have been forced to rely on food banks to get by," he said.

The Derry councillor called for the Executive to give civil servants the pay they deserve.

"It's time for Finance Minister Conor Murphy and the Executive to end their contemptuous treatment of civil servants. They need to start showing workers who keep this place moving respect instead of making empty promises and excuses.

It's time for pay justice."