Adrian’s 100 mile challenge for Jigsaw

A well-known Buncrana man is to walk 100 miles in the month of March to raise funds for a charity close to his heart.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 11:22 am
Adrian McMyler.

Adrian McMyler doesn’t need much of an introduction as he is SO well known for his generosity and charity work.

Adrian has won awards for his volunteer work in the community and was also instrumental in the setting up of the popular Buncrana Children’s Charity, of which he is chairperson.

Adrian recently decided to combine his goal of getting fitter with raising funds for Jigsaw Donegal.

He will walk or jog 100 miles throughout Buncrana in the month of March to raise funds for the charity, which does exceptional work in promoting positive mental health and providing support to young people in the county.

Adrian told the Journal how he very much admires Jigsaw Donegal and wanted to help support them.

“I have been wanting to do something for Jigsaw for a long time. I really like the charity and they were very good to me. I would be hoping to maybe get involved with them in the future.

“I also knew I needed to lose weight and to do something for myself. I’ve a bit of a problem sticking to things, so I knew that if I did a challenge like this, where it was in the public eye, I’d have a better chance. I knew I’d have to stick to it.”

Adrian said that while he had done some walking as exercise before and went to O’Flaherty Fitness, he’s never jogged until recently.

“My friend, Shane, took me out jogging and it was the first time I’d ever done it in my life. But I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was going to be!”

Adrian has been competing as many miles as he can - both walking and jogging- since the start of the month.

He told how his biggest challenge is finding the time to dedicate to it, as not only does he have his work with the charity, he is also treasurer of Buncrana GAA, works in Shelly’s Childcare in the town and is also a student.

“I do find it most difficult to find the time, but I try and get as many miles as I can in, when I can. I’m determined to do it and the support has been brilliant.”

Adrian is delighted with all the donations received so far.

“I can’t get over it. The first target was 250 euro and I hit that very quickly, so now it’s up at 500 euro. People have been very good in donating. The charity is the main reason why I’m doing it. They’re just brilliant.” You can donate to Adrian’s fundraiser on the Facebook page ‘Adrian’s Fundraiser for Jigsaw.’ You can find out more about Jigsaw on