BBC director Peter Johnston says decision to axe Sean Coyle show was difficult

Sean Coyle.
Sean Coyle.

The director of the BBC, Peter Johnston, has said the decision to axe the Sean Coyle show on Radio Foyle was not an easy one.

Peter Johnston, Director, BBC Northern Ireland, said: “Decisions around changing our radio schedules are always difficult and never taken lightly. Sean has been a regular fixture with listeners on BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle for decades."

Mr. Johnston acknowledged Mr. Coyle's unique and inimitable style.

"He is a brilliant broadcaster and his easy-going repartee and deep musical repertoire – not to mention his countless impressions - have made him a popular voice on our airwaves.

"Whether as a presenter of his own programmes or as Gerry Anderson’s right-hand man, he has played an unforgettable part in BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle’s story. On behalf of myself and everyone at BBC Northern Ireland I’d like to thank Sean for everything he has brought to the station,” he said.

The State broadcaster said it could not yet confirm what plans it had for the slot.

A BBC Northern Ireland spokesperson said: “Details of immediate and future plans for the 10.30 a.m. Monday-Friday slot on BBC Radio Ulster will be confirmed in due course."