'Be yourself' says seven-year-old Derry photographer

Seven-years-old Luca Coyle, from Derry, was busy over the Halloween period capturing the Halloween festivities on his camera.

Luca has been taking pictures since he was a toddler and, as he has grown, so has his love for photography.

Luca’s dad Tynnan Coyle said: “Luca started taking pictures with his granda Willie in Brooke Park when he was probably around three. My father, his granda, would be a keen photographer and one day Luca took a fascination with the camera. My dad lined it up and let Luca press the button and he’s just been really into it since then. Anytime he goes out with his granda, he takes the camera with him.

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"He’s got a good perspective with the camera and he seems to really know what he’s capturing. He can see what’s going on in front of him and he can work with the shot to get it. He’s so impressive for being seven - but he doesn’t get it from me!”

Seven-years-old Luca Coyle with Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Councillor Sandra Duffy.

Luca said: “I take pictures of things that look different and don’t look normal. I take pictures of weird things and cool things and colours of leaves. I took a picture of a leaf on the ground because it would be good for Autumn. I took pictures of Sauras because I thought it looked cool and different from other things.

"My pictures look different to other pictures because theirs look normal. I want to keep taking pictures forever. My Papa’s a great photographer. I love going out with him.”

Luca’s mum Lindsay Barr said: “He started his Instagram page when he was four and he has some great pictures up there. He has a real creative eye and he always has his phone out to take pictures when he sees something. Even at the Clipper, he was taking lots of pictures and capturing the moment.

"I’m so so proud of him. He’s so brilliant and he’s really looking forward to Christmas because he loves capturing all the different seasons.”

An Autumn Leaf by Luca Coyle.

Luca has some advice for people who might want to start taking pictures themselves but don’t know where to start: "Try your best, be yourself and do what you want to do.”

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Luca’s photography can be viewed at LucaMyPhotos on Instagram.

Sauras from the Halloween festival by Luca Coyle.
Luca with his 'papa' Willie Coyle', from Luca's instagram page LucaMyPhotos.
A close encounter caught by seven-years-old Luca Coyle.
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Sauras taken by Seven-years-old Luca Coyle.
A pony captured by Luca Coyle on his Instagram page LucaMyPhotos.