Catriona pens ‘Bloom Girl’ self-help debut

Derry woman Catriona Jones has published a new book aimed at empowering women.

Monday, 26th July 2021, 10:07 am

‘Bloom Girl: Reclaim Your Goddess Power and Purpose from Within to Flourish in Life’ is the Creggan native’s debut publication.

The teacher and motivational speaker, said she was inspired to put pen to paper during the pandemic.

“During the lockdown, I witnessed how women and families were struggling.

“At a time when feminine power was finally breaking through the glass ceiling, the pandemic was turning back the hands of time, and women’s empowered position in the world was re-challenged; we needed to rise stronger than ever.

“Mindset coaching for women was in greater demand, and I was driven to help as many women and girls as possible with my experience as a seasoned life coach. I wanted to share a roadmap to help women step into their power and claim their path in the world,” she said.

Catriona, who now lives in Bridgend with her husband and two children, says the book - published by Balboa Press - is a ‘roadmap and self-help toolkit that guides women to reveal the goddess within and then give her permission to unfold, bloom and birth a more powerful version of herself’.

“Female empowerment and mindset coaching for women is needed now more than ever as we navigate life. Self-education is how we are navigating our journey in life and for family,” she said.

When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she answers, “For them to know that their lives have a meaning and the resilience is within to navigate regardless of challenges in the outside world.”

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