City united in “Grief” by Covid-19 film

A locally produced short film focusing on the sense of loss felt by so many people during the Covid-19 pandemic will feature Derry’s two Bishops and its Mayor.

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 2:56 pm
A scene from 'Grief'.

“Grief”, by Black North Productions, has been filming in various locartions across the city in recent days.

One scene - recorded outside the former Presbyterian Church on Great James’ Street - features Bishops Donal McKeown and Andrew Forster and Mayor Graham Warke.

A spokesperson for the production team said: “Not only does the film represent the whole city’s sense of loss, but indeed the deep sense of loss felt across the whole island.

“The fact that a concrete proposal to Derry and Strabane City Council will be delivered in the final shoot highlights the sincerity felt by the whole cast and Black North Productions.

Joseph McCarthy, the writer, director and producer with Black North Productions would like to thank everyone who supported their city centre shoot in any way and made it such a huge success.”

“‘Grief’ has brought together the whole city at a time when political divisions are making the headlines. Perhaps it takes a sincere film to shown unity of purpose and bring people together with a shared vision.”