Culmore to retain Post Office

A local councillor says Culmore is to retain its Post Office facilities.

The new base, says the SDLP’s Angela Dobbins, will be at Curry’s Spar Culmore.

She said: “As a community, we were dismayed that the Post Office was closing its Culmore branch and that it was even considering not reinstating its services within the Culmore area.

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“I was very much aware that the extensive application process to obtain the right to have Post Office facilities within any outlet was a daunting, time-consuming task but, with the highly supported ‘Keep our Post Office’ petition to retain the services in our community, I was confident those assurances would be upheld.

Culmore Spar.

“I would like to commend Alwin Curry and his management team for persevering with this task and would like to extend my congratulations on their successful application to have a Post Office facility in Curry’s Spar Culmore.

“I am aware that plans, procedures and training need to be embarked upon but it is hopeful that this will only delay the reopening of our post office facilities by a few months.

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“I also wish to thank everyone who contributed to the online and physical petition.”