Derry Against Fuel Poverty holding a rally at the Guildhall on Saturday

Newly formed group Derry Against Fuel Poverty have announced they will be holding a rally at the Guildhall on Saturday, February 12 at 1pm.

The apolitical group came together after the most recent gas price increase and are calling on people to join them to protest the rise.

A spokesperson for the group said, “People in Derry, and further afield, have been really struggling to get to grips with the cost of living increases now for well over a year. We were forced to absorb three gas price increases by Firmus in 2021 with a fiercely unwelcome fourth slated for 24th February.

“Cumulatively, by the time the 24th February price increase kicks in, Firmus Gas customers in Derry will have been confronted with a 194% price hike inside twelve months. This means that, on average, people will have had to find an additional £70 a month to heat their homes from one winter until the next. That is, on average, an extra £800 per year to heat their homes. It is absolutely scandalous and an impossible task for many.

In order to focus minds and begin building an active resistance during these harrowing times, we have organised a rally at Guildhall Square for Saturday 12th February at 1pm.

“We are calling for people to come along, bring their kids & make lots of noise. This is the first in a series of rallies that Derry Against Fuel Poverty intend to hold in Derry in the coming weeks and months so find us on Facebook to be kept up to date. We ask that people put political allegiances aside and do right by the people of Derry by putting the issue first. It is about time the people of Derry were put first.

“Derry Against Fuel Poverty is a small group of people from Derry that came together organically, disturbed by the cost of living crisis and the lack of real political will to do anything concrete and sufficient. We can be found on Facebook by searching for Derry Against Fuel Poverty”