Derry City Walls Walk ranks in top 10 most picturesque walks

A new study has revealed that the Derry City Walls Walk is the sixth most picturesque (urban) walk in the UK.

Grand Parade, Derry Walls.  DER2126GS - 061
Grand Parade, Derry Walls. DER2126GS - 061

Premier Inn has conducted new research which reveals where in the UK has the most picturesque walks, by analysing the walks with the most Instagram photos per kilometre.

By looking at the number of hashtags relating to popular UK walks, Premier Inn found the routes that have been shared on the photography platform the most, and cross-referenced this data with the length of that particular route, to reveal which walks have been inspiring the most photos.

Derry City Walls Walk ranks in 6th place with 343 hashtags per KM.

London is revealed as having some of the most picturesque urban walks, with four of the top five Instagrammed urban walks being located in the capital

A spokesperson for Premier Inn said: “With many of us remaining unsure on whether we can travel abroad or not, taking a long walk in your staycation destination – or even your home town - can feel like a nice escape from the mundanity of the everyday life, and a great way to explore the area.

“That’s why we were curious to find out which routes were being shared the most online. Our research shows that popular walks are not just reserved for those lucky enough to live near to long stretches of countryside. There are many urban walking routes that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced ramblers alike, with some routes measuring up to 294km in length.

“It’s great to see such a mix of different routes up and down the country, proving that you can go on a beautiful walk and get your steps in, wherever you might be visiting this autumn.”

The top five walks were Parkland Walk, London; The Queen’s Walk, Southbank, London; Bath City Walk, Somerset; Regent’s Canal Walk, London and Thames Path.

Derry, in sixth, ranked ahead of Cambridge Colleges Walk, Cambridgeshire; Foryth & Clyde Canal Towpath; Durham (River banks and Maiden Castle); Leeds (Civic Centre and Canal)

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