Derry father’s video message plea to young people: ‘One of these fake drugs can kill you’

A Derry man whose daughter died after she was given counterfeit drugs has pleaded with young people in the city not to take potentially lethal fake drugs which he said are rife at the moment.

Gerald Deehan issued the direct plea after telling the Journal how he had seized a stash of fake prescription blue and yellow pills earlier today, which he was taking to the police this evening.

He also warned that a number of young lives have already been lost to these drugs over recent times and that many young people do not know that what they are taking could kill them.

In a video message to young people Gerald Deehan said: “They need to be very, very careful. One of these blue tablets along with a couple of drinks is enough to kill you. It’s enough to kill you. I’ve witnessed it, I’ve seen it myself.

Gerald Deehan with some of the drugs which he removed and was taking to police this evening.


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“They are all fake drugs, they are not real Diazepam, these are not the drugs you get off your doctor, these are actually fake.

“I would just appeal to the young people of Derry please, please be careful when you are out having a couple of drinks, and who you associate with.

“It is not just yourself, it will affect your whole family, your whole family is going to be destroyed.”

“Please, please, be wise, be wise.”


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Mr Deehan’s daughter Amanda, a 34 year-old mother of two, died in January 2019 after she was given a fake, ‘street’ version of a prescription tablet used as anxiety and panic disorder medication.

His family have previously and repeatedly tried to highlight the dangers to local people.

He said the increasing use among young people has rocketed in recent years and like others in the community have also warned of a spike over recent months and weeks locally.

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‘Derry is awash with fake drugs. Too many young people are dying’