Derry Girls Season 2 a global hit on Netflix

'Rock The Boat' scene from Derry Girls Season 2.
'Rock The Boat' scene from Derry Girls Season 2.

The second season of Derry Girls has been getting the thumbs up from its international fanbase and critics since going global on Netflix.

Fans from right across the globe have been taking to Twitter and Instagram to heap praise on the second season, which aired here on Channel 4 earlier this year.

There has been almost unanimous praise for the witty dialogue, character developments and plot lines.

The Daily Beast, which has over 1.2m followers on Twitter, praised Lisa McGee’s “quick-as-a-whip dialogue” while, in an extensive piece in the New York Times, Alice Jones writes: “What makes Derry Girls unique is the light touch it uses to deal with the heavy hand of history.”

Many fans of the show meanwhile were stunned to find out that the ‘Rock The Boat’ tradition at Irish weddings is actually real, while others were left teary eyed by James taking Erin to the school formal and by Michelle’s declaration in the final episode during the Clinton visit.

And while it seems as if the quickfire Derry accent and wit are still a stumbling block for some who had to switch on the subtitles, others are getting the hang of the lingo. One fan from the Philippines wrote: “At first I had trouble understanding the accent but I can now speak a wee bit like you guys!”

Another new fan posted meanwhile: “Why have I never watched #DerryGirls before? Holy mother of God it’s genius. Thank you Saint Netflix x”

And the cast have been showing their appreciation of all the positive reaction, with Dylan Llewellyn, who plays the Wee English Fella James, Tweeting: “Thank you for ya kind messages!”