Derry named as eighth friendliest city

Derry has been named as the eighth friendliest city in the UK, with Newcastle coming in at number one.

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 1:26 pm
Thousands of tourists flock to Derry for events such as the Halloween celebrations.

Global travel site Big 7 Travel has released the official list of the ‘50 Friendliest Cities in the UK 2019’.

Following on from sample survey results of their 1.5million social audience, they discovered which cities across the world are most welcoming for tourists and expats alike.

Derry came in at number eight, just ahead of Southampton and Nottingham.

Big 7 Travel readers ranked cities based on first impressions at port of entry (airport/train station etc), local’s attitude towards tourists, neighbourly attitude, openness of strangers, and “general friendliness”.

Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the UK 2019:

10th. Nottingham

9th. Southampton

8th. Derry

7th. Brighton

6th. Liverpool

5th. Bath

4th. Manchester

3rd. York

2nd. Glasgow

1st. Newcastle

Derry was lauded as a ‘cultural hub with a rich history.’

“Locals are quite keen to share their traditions and city highlights with newbies, so expect to be shown all the best places.”