Derry's Bronagh Burke launches second season of 'Memory of Me' podcast

Derry woman Bronagh Burke has revealed how the public’s reaction to the first season of her podcast ‘Memory of Me’ inspired her to record more episodes.

Bronagh Burke, with her children Adam and Aoife.
Bronagh Burke, with her children Adam and Aoife.

The second season of the popular podcast was released on November 30 and once again, the mother-of-two discusses grief, in all its forms, with people from all walks of life.

This season, the eight episodes, which are ‘very kindly’ sponsored by the LAB Fund, ‘is covering, more or less Derry-based people.’

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"This is not people who have a social media following, as such. These are normal, day-to-day people, who have a journey or a story to tell. It’s not about grief in general, such as a death etc, we also talk about living grief as well. There are two episodes in this season which, I think, are going to have a huge impact on showing the different variety of what grief is. We speak on one episode to a person about the loss of their identity and how they have flourished into the person they are now. This season, we also cover topics such as child loss, a cancer journey and everything, really.”

Bronagh has been on her own ‘grief journey’ following the sudden deaths of her beloved daddy, as well as her ‘soulmate,’ Thomas, who she affectionately calls Burkey and her good friend, Robert.

‘Memory of Me’ was launched in their honour and ‘were the reason and purpose I did this podcast and continue to do so’.

Following season one, Bronagh asked people what they wanted to hear next and she has based season two on their responses. She adds, however, that listeners don’t have to have experienced grief or be grieving themselves to relate to what is being said.

"I think people relate to it so much as, unfortunately, we’re all going to deal with grief at some stage of our lives.

"Simon, who records the podcast, was saying to me how he hasn’t lost anyone, but can relate to what people are saying. You don’t have to have lost someone to listen to these episodes. It’s actually also educating around grief, the different types of it and preparing people for the impact of loss. We’re trying to cover as many topics as we can so that people can relate to them and think: ‘I get that, I feel that pain too and it’s ok to feel these feelings.’ And, it’s also about realising that you aren’t alone.”

Bronagh said she was ‘absolutely floored’ at the reaction to season one.

“I honestly didn’t realise the impact it would have. I finished recording it in April and to this day, I still have people stopping me and telling me how they really enjoyed such and such an episode, or saying how they are glad some one spoke about a certain topic as they are going through the same thing. For me, my job was done at that stage.

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"I was shocked at the impact it had. I don’t mean this in a cliche way, but I’m truly blessed and grateful for the listens, views, comments and the impact it has had and that has driven me to record season two.”

‘Memory of Me’ is out now to watch on Youtube at and on all podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.