Derry’s Cathedral bells to toll 14 times today at time shooting started on Bloody Sunday

The bells of St Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry will today ring out 14 times at the time the shooting and killing began on Bloody Sunday, 50 years ago today.

Thousands of local people were taking part in an anti-internment march on that day when British army paratroopers opened fire, leaving 13 innocent and unarmed men and boys dead on Derry’s streets and many more wounded. A fourteenth victim died later from the injuries he received that day.

Archbishop Eamon Martin will also be celebrating Mass at 9.30am this morning from the Cathedral in memory of the victims. This can be watched live via

Those who were killed were Patrick Doherty (32). Gerald Donaghey (17), Jackie Duddy (17), Hugh Gilmour (17), Michael Kelly (17, Michael McDaid (20), Kevin McElhinney (17), Barney McGuigan (41), Gerald McKinney (35), William McKinney (26), William Nash (19), Jim Wray (22), John Young (17) and John Johnston (59).

St Eugene's Cathedral.

St Eugene’s Parish stated: “On Sunday 30th January at 4.10pm we will ring the Cathedral bells 14 times to remember the 14 victims of Bloody Sunday.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims who will gather this weekend to remember their loved ones.”

The parish also shared the Prayer for peace which is always led by Kay Duddy, sister of Jackie Duddy, on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday morning at the prayer ceremony, which takes place at Rossville Street monument at 11am this morning. The prayer can be viewed on the Cathedral’s Facebook page.