Four killed, 23 injured by drink driving

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Four people were killed in Derry and Strabane in road accidents caused by drink-driving between 2013 and 2017, a new Department for Infrastructure (DfI) report has found.

DfI’s Safe and Sustainable Travel Division, in a wide-ranging analysis has found there were 16 drink-driving collisions that resulted in 23 casualties in Derry and Strabane over the same period.

This meant that over the five years covered the annual average number of deaths in Derry and Strabane was 0.8 a year. The annual average number of casualties was 4.6. That works out as 0.5 deaths and 3.1 casualties per capita per year between 2013 and 2017.

The DfI report shows that the highest numbers of deaths and casualties were recorded in Derry and Strabane’s neighbouring districts.

In Fermanagh and Omagh, for example, 10 collisions caused 11 deaths. In the Causeway Coast and Glens eight collisions caused 10 deaths. And in Mid Ulster six collisions caused seven deaths.

Equally, in Fermanagh and Omagh 27 collisions resulted in 43 casualties; in Causeway Coast and Glens 20 collisions resulted in 28 casualties; and in Mid Ulster 28 collisions resulted in 37 casualties.

Across the North the authors found three fifths of fatal or serious drink driving collisions involved a single vehicle.

“Of the 818 single vehicle KSI (killed or seriously injured) collisions recorded between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2017, 147 (18 per cent) were due to ‘impairment by alcohol–driver/rider’.

“This was the third highest causation factor overall for single vehicle collisions, just behind excessive speed and inattention or attention diverted (which both had 20 per cent),” reported DfI.