Honest youngsters rewarded for alerting PSNI to lost wallet - delighted owner 'overjoyed' at having cards and cash returned

A member of the PSNI rewarding the honesty of the girls
A member of the PSNI rewarding the honesty of the girls

The honesty of three girls - aged 10, 11 and 12 - who told police about a wallet they found lying on the floor has been accoladed by the authorities and the wallet's owner.

A post on PSNI Foyle Facebook page says: "Three girls aged 10, 11 and 12 stopped City Centre NPT in Foyleside Shopping Centre today after they found a wallet lying on the floor.

"We did some investigative work and managed to ring the owner who was in the Richmond Centre panicking as he had just tried to buy something and realised his wallet was gone.

"Now, this wallet had a good bit of cash in it, some contactless bank cards and important ID cards.

"The owner was also only visiting the City from the South.

"So as you can imagine he was ABSOLUTELY OVERJOYED by our call.

"He was so grateful in fact that he gave us £20 to pass on to the girls.

"We got back in touch with the girls and told them how incredibly proud we were of their actions and passed on the owners £20 and his thanks.

"We also called a parent to let them know about their kid’s good works.
#ProudOfOurCitiesKids #GoodDeed #KeepingPeopleSafe".