Hot weather spell set to continue into the weekend as NW bakes in heatwave

The North West is set to enjoy another record-breaking weekend of hot weather.

Forecasters believe the current heatwave could peak on either Saturday or Sunday.

An advisory weather alert has been issued for the weekend as temperatures across Ireland continue to soar.

Temperatures in the NW are expected to reach into the high 20s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Brooke Park in Derry looking well in this week’s hot weather.


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The NI Weather and Flood Advisory Service said a “Level 1 Advisory for High Temperature” would stay in place until Monday.

Meanwhile, the Met Office said temperatures were likely to rise into the low to mid-30s in central and southern parts of Britain – but will not be as extreme as the record-breaking heat in July when the thermometer climbed above 40C.

In the Republic, Met Eireann issued a yellow weather alert, warning of “very warm or hot weather on Friday and Saturday, with maximum temperatures of 27 to 29C”.

People have been making the most of the sunshine in recent days, flocking in droves to local beaches and parks.