International artist urges people to gather at Killea

Previous project at the cliffs near Brighton.
Previous project at the cliffs near Brighton.

An artist who has carried out large scale art projects with crowds and mirrors along borders across the world is planning a major event at Killea later this month.

Duncan Mckellar is an artist who works with border communities and plans to create a major project at Killea on Sunday, October 27.

Mckellar said: “I’m inviting people to gather outside the Church of Immaculate Conception at midday with a mirror. We’ll then walk to a nearby field and form a giant circle across the border. Our mirrors will reflect the sun to create a circle of light. A drone will be filming from above.”

He added: “My work raises awareness for the need of seamless interconnection of people, trade and cultures.”

Previous artworks include a kilometre-long line of people across the US/Mexico border, and ‘EU SOS’ involving over 500 people at the White Cliffs near Brighton.

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