Killea residents fear ‘someone will be killed’ due to dangerous cross border driving

Killea residents pictured with councillors from Donegal and Derry.
Killea residents pictured with councillors from Donegal and Derry.

Residents in the border village of Killea have expressed fears someone will be killed due to speeding and dangerous driving across both sides of the border.

The petition on the issue was undertaken by the Killea Concerned Residents Group and a spokesperson told the ‘Journal’ they were ‘exasperated’ with dangerous motoring in the area.

A sppkesperson said: “As a unique settlement divided by the border, but still one village - marked with a small stream running through it, the residents of Killea have long been plagued with vehicles speeding through the village, across the border, using multiple main and backroad routes in either direction.

“This continuing problem of fast flowing commuter cars and goods lorries is exasperated with night time joy riders often being pursued by the police/Gardai. As a joint cross border initiative, the people living in the village of Killea, on both sides of the border, organised a petition to be presented to political representatives from Donegal and Derry; Terry Crossan (Donegal Sinn Fein), Paul Canning (Donegal Fianna Fail) and Derry & Strabane District Councillor, Patricia Logue (SF).

This petition was taken in light of ‘this ongoing nuisance, often dangerous driving, in and around the Killea border area and was conducted by a Killea Concerned Residents Group.’

They added:” This issue was magnified a few weeks ago when it almost seemed as if the area was under siege with late night revellers stopping in the village and ‘diffing’ at various junction points, coming from the Donegal Rally. Local people believe that if calming measures aren’t put in place soon, it will only be a matter of time before someone is killed.

“This petition has the cross border support of Sinn Fein and Fine Fael who are equally concerned about the volume of fast moving traffic, often driving well above the speed limit through and around the village.

“Local residents have already held positive meetings with the local Garda and councillors for the area but feel that progress around resolving this issue has been cumbersome and people feel helpless due to this. In the meantime residents believe people’s lives are knowingly being put at risk due to this.

“This petition will hopefully be the catalyst to initiating a cross border initiative at Local council level and that safeguarding/traffic calming can be implemented, to not only deal with the issue at hand but also reduce the increasing number of high speed chases in the area and alleviate the demand for policing this specific matter in the region.”