Nadine Coyle 'takes a hand' out of Derry accent critics ahead of I'm a Celebrity 2019

Nadine Coyle has 'taken a hand' out of critics of her dulcet Derry tones by showing her ear for foreign accents ahead of her stint in the Australian bush on 'I'm a Celebrity 2019.'

Friday, 15th November 2019, 10:27 am
Nadine Coyle.

The pop-singer attempted London, Cockney, Lancashire, Australian, Southern United States and Los Angeles accents in a send up of those who have taken a pop at the Derry accent in recent days.

Nadine posted a tongue-in-cheek video asking fans: "What do you guys think?!"

'Derry English', of which the ex-Girls Aloud singer is a well-known exponent, is a branch of 'Hiberno-English', which when spoken, is considered by phonologists and linguists to have distinct tonal and palatal features.

The accent regularly comes top in 'favourite accent' polls.