Near naked Stephen Nolan chases herd of cows from garden as house burglar alarm goes off

Northern Ireland broadcaster and television presenter, Stephen Nolan, sent the world of social media into meltdown on Wednesday when he shared a hilarious video of himself chasing a herd of cows from his garden.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 5:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 6:41 pm
Stephen Nolan shared the video on social media on Wednesday.

The 45 year-old BBC Radio 5 Live presenter said he thought he was "being raided by the British army" when the cows invaded his garden recently.

"I thought I was getting raided by the British army," joked Nolan on social media.

"I woke up to sound of heavy footsteps and banging on my door.

Stephen Nolan shared the video on social media on Wednesday.

"Cows broke into my site. Set off alarms, which sent call to security team.

"Total mayhem. Dirty brutes. I’m furious."

Nolan's video went viral instantly with almost 40,000 views within a few hours.

This is how close the cows came to Nolan's home.

"Watching Stephen Nolan chasing/growling at cows like an angry dog is the best thing you will watch today," said one man.

"They must have herd you on the radio," joked another.

Nolan made headlines last week when he shared photos of himself before and after embarking on a weight loss scheme.

Nolan revealed to his 220,000 Twitter followers that since starting the diet last year he has shed a massive 28 inches from his waistline.

"Squeezed into a 34” waist today. It’s kinda cheating as they are ‘stretch jeans’, but it’s better than the 58” waist I was in Nov [sic] last year. Pushing myself tonight, as I’ve 2lbs to lose before Tuesday weigh in to hit this week’s target," said Nolan last week.