New traffic measures in Bogside will improve public safety: Patricia Logue

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New traffic signs have been installed improving safety on a busy Bogside thoroughfare in Derry.

A local councillor has praised the Department of Infrastructure for putting in the new safety measures.

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue said anything that made the roads safer in the Bogside area was to be welcomed.

She was speaking after a new arrow directional safety sign was placed on a traffic island on Westland Street close to the Elmwood Road, Cable Street and Blucher Street junctions.

Councilor Logue said: “I welcome the introduction of these new signs at a number of junctions along Westland Street. Anything that helps improve road safety in the Bogside area has to be welcomed.

“Westland Street is one of the busiest in the area with heavy traffic all the time.

“This is a built up area and there is a concern from residents that many drivers are travelling far too fast and in excess of 30mph.

“I would make an appeal for drivers to slow down and keep within the speed limit.”