PPS awaiting legal submissions to progress Bloody Sunday review

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) have said they are waiting for legal submissions before they can proceed any further with a review into the decision to prosecute only one soldier over Bloody Sunday.

Friday, 15th November 2019, 10:09 am

A spokesperson for the PPS said that while some progress has been made on the reviews, they cannot proceed further until they receive these legal submissions on behalf of victims and families in a number of cases.

One local solicitor said he had hoped progress would be made on the reviews by the end of the year.

Paddy MacDermott, of MacDermott, McGurk and Partners, represents the Nash family whose brother William was killed and father Alex was injured on January 30, 1972.

He also represents the families of Danny Gillespie and Pius McCarron, who were both wounded on Bloody Sunday.

Mr MacDermott sent submissions in respect of his clients to the PPS in September.

However, he said he was aware legal representatives for other victims and families had also requested reviews of the decision.

A spokesperson for the PPS told the ‘Journal’ they will keep families and victims informed about the progress of the review.

The spokesperson said: “The PPS is currently reviewing decisions not to prosecute suspects reported by police in connection with the events on Bloody Sunday, as requested by a number of the victims and families of deceased persons involved.

“While progress has been made on these reviews, we are currently awaiting legal submissions on behalf of victims and families in a number of cases before proceeding further. These are expected shortly.

“When this material has been received, the PPS will be in a position to progress the reviews.

“We will continue to keep the families and victims informed,” the spokesperson added.