River Radio supporting Derry families with Christmas Toy Appeal

River Radio are calling on Derry people to support their fourth annual Christmas Toy Appeal this year.

The Toy Appeal, which is organised by River Radio in conjunction with the Salvation Army, provides free toys for children in the North West and it’s mission is that no child should be without a toy on Christmas.

Gerard Doherty Chairperson of River Radio said: “I know Christmas is a while away but it’s not too far away. That’s why River Radio have launched our Christmas Toy Appeal now in September.

“The amount of local businesses, schools and community groups who have signed up already is phenomenal. Our charity partner this year, as it has always been, is the Salvation Army. They will be distributing the toys that are donated for the Toy Appeal to local kids and families in the North West. Anything that is donated through this toy appeal stays local. This supports your own local people. Our mission, as it as always been, is that no kid wakes up on Christmas day without a toy.

River Radio's Toy Appeal last year saw Santa visit Toy Town in Lisnagelvin, which is a sponsor of the appeal.


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“Times are hard. People are struggling with heat, electricity and other household bills with cuts here, there and everywhere so the strain on the toy appeal will be bigger than ever but the amount of people who have signed up already just shows how people come together in the north west.

“If you are a community group, school or business who would like to be part of it, just drop us a message. Help us to help local people, with our charity partner the Salvation Army and Toy Town in Lisnagelvin, to ensure that no kid wakes up on Christmas morning without a toy.”

River Radio's Toy Appeal, which is now in its fourth year. The aim of the appeal is to ensure that no child in Derry goes without a toy on Christmas.