Sarah's aiming to strike lightning with healing tool

A Donegal woman who claims she can free people from health problems such as ME and chronic fatigue syndrome is bringing her revolutionary "Lightning Process" to Derry.

Sarah Keeney is the only Lightning Process trainer in the North West. And she says she has helped many people suffering from conditions as varied as sleep problems, stress, chronic fatigue, fear of failure and obsessive behaviour.

Brent Nokes, from Donegal, is one man she's helped.

For years, Brent suffered from recurring flu and cold viruses that left him bed-ridden for weeks at a time.

"Continually falling ill ruined my life," says Brent. "One of the biggest problems was that I couldn't make plans for my life; if I did, I would fall sick again. I'm a painter and I make traditional musical instruments - all that stopped when I was unwell.

"I was at the stage when I thought I was going to be like this forever. I would shake off a cold, but the stress of thinking it would happen again was draining my immune system leaving me open to the viruses."

Brent was introduced to Sarah Keeney by a mutual friend, and once he began the Lightning Process he saw an immediate change. He explained how Sarah told him he could be well in a week.

"I didn't really believe in it," he says. "But I had no energy, my skin was in an awful condition. I had been invited to a show in London the following week and I really wanted to go. Sarah assured me I would be able to go to the show. She was right, I did make it to my show."

Simple, elegant

Sarah says that the Lightning Process is a simple, elegant and powerful process that teaches you how to get the life and health you want.

"The training programme teaches people who find themselves with chronic issues and problems that stop them living their lives the way they want to, how to move on and change their lives and their health," she said.

"The change brought about by using the Lightning Process is rapid; patients recover from symptoms in the first 24 hours, which can be very dramatic for clients, some of whom have been bed or house bound, some times for months even years.

"The Lightning Process involves some preparation time and the actual training is three days. It allows people to recognise how to influence their mind and health in a positive way. It looks at what is preventing the body from healing in the way that it should, at how the mind influences the body, and how to change destructive thought patterns.

The results of the training are life changing and with the 97% success rate the Lightning Process is a powerful 'tool' and effective when used as taught. The changes last because once the technique has been learned it is a tool to use whenever you recognise you need it.

"You must be committed and willing to do the work required. But the process gives you a way to control your own life and health."

Feels great

Brent says he now feels great and his life is fantastically busy.

"I'm not depressed," he said. "I've got my vitality back. I've trained as a painter and I'm now working full time to build my business making guitars."

Sarah is now taking bookings for training sessions in Derry. There are also plans for a free information morning.

For more details, contact Sarah on 00353749167258 or email Sarah on

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