Scalp hikers raise over £2,000 in annual walk for Concern

The annual Concern Scalp Mountain Walk was a hugh success raising over £2,000 for a very worthy cause.

The Derry Concern Group has thanked all of those who took part in the popular fundraiser.

In spite of the best efforts of the organisers to choose the most suitable date for a hill walk, June 12, the day was typical of the spring and summer in Derry and Donegal so far this year.

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The less than perfect conditions of rain and blustery winds did not deter the intrepid walkers who helped to raise over £2,000.

John Elliott, James Campbell, Trace, Crystal and Heidi Gjorjievski

Most of the walkers were from Derry and Donegal but there were some from further afield who were keen to get involved.

Nine-years-old Enya Smith travelled with her family from Belfast to take part.

“This is my second year doing the walk,” she said. “It was great to do it with my brother Oisin and cousin Patrick. I enjoyed the chocolate bar at the top. It tastes better than any bar I eat during the year.”

Martin Porter, from Derry, needs to be particularly congratulated as he cycles to and from the event.

Dermot and Killian Herron, Tooban

Said Martin: “I make the point of coming every year. I love the views from the top and it is for a very good cause.”

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This year’s event was aimed at supporting Concern’s work in Ukraine where it is on the ground with other aid organisations, providing emergency assistance to the 6.5 million displaced people still living in the country.

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IN PICTURES: Scalp mountain walk for Concern

It also pointed out how there is a real danger of the war in Ukraine leading to famine in poorer countries dependent on grain exports from eastern Europe.

Denise Carlin, Fr Michael Canny and Brendan Carlin
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“The war is having a knock on impact throughout the world. The cost of living crisis is being felt in many developed countries including our own.

“However, it is the impact of the blocking of the Black Sea ports that will stop the supply of grain to many poorer countries that is causing huge concern.

“Ukraine and Russia are the main source of supply worldwide of food for many middle income and poor countries .

“The World Food Programme has a list of 17 seperate disasters around the world. In all the cases there is a worsening food crisis.

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“The reasons for this desperate situation are varied: war in South Sudan, recent earthquakes in Afghanistan and drought brought about by climate change in East Africa,” a group spokesperson said.

The money raised on Scalp last month will help fund the valuable work Concern is carrying out to reduce the impact of these crisies.

In total Concern works in 26 countries where its main emphasis is tackling food poverty.

“All those who contributed to the success of the walk are to be congratulated for their contribution: the McLaughlin family who make their farm available for the walk, the Concern volunteers who organise the walk, the local press who facilitate the advertising of the event and the walkers who braved the wind and rain and contributed so generously to the Concern Appeal,” the local organisation said.

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