Students at Derry School learn how human rights can empower us

Pupils at Lumen Christi College have heard how human rights can be used effectively to help us live our lives fairly and in dignity.

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) was delighted to run three workshops with Year 11 pupils in the school. Through interactive sessions, students looked at how many of the issues we see in society today are human rights issues, such as poverty, mental health, climate change, sport and business. Through group work, the young people discussed ways in which human rights can be used to tackle these issues. They also explored how the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission can help protect and promote the rights of everyone.

Denise Carlisle, Head of Learning for Life and Work in Lumen Christi said: “The workshops promoted an awareness and understanding of human rights and the role of the NIHRC in upholding these rights. Human rights are based on important principles like dignity, fairness and equality and the workshops encouraged a wealth of discussion and engagement on issues related around these principles.”

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Chief Commissioner, Alyson Kilpatrick said: “This outreach empowers young people so they can understand and claim their rights for themselves. It is vital that we raise awareness and build a culture of human rights in Northern Ireland, starting with our young people.

Representatives from the NI Human Rights Commission with Year 11 students at Lumen Christi College

“I would like to thank Lumen Christi College for welcoming us, and the students for their enthusiastic engagement. We wish them well and see bright futures for all of them, whatever they choose to do. We look forward to meeting many more young people, in many more schools across Northern Ireland."