Support for those being relocated to temporary housing in Derry needed - MLA

A Foyle MLA has called for proper support needed for vulnerable people being placed in temporary accommodation locally.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 6:18 pm

The Derry politician was commenting after a meeting with the new Chief Executive of Housing Executive, Grainia Long.

During the meeting Ms Mullan raised concern for a number of vulnerable tenants currently being housed in Derry,

The Sinn Féin MLA claimed that vulnerable tenants were placed in accommodation in Derry without the appropriate support structures being provided to them.

“Previously, following talks with local Executive and housing support organisations a very successful pilot support programme had been put in place to address a lack of support for tenants. However, in the last few months Housing Executive placements have failed to put in place these necessary supports for vulnerable tenants,” Ms Mullan said.

Ms Mullan said this was leading to concerns among those directly involved and the wider community. “This is causing concern for vulnerable people in temporary accommodation and indeed for local residents.

“I have organised a range of meetings with statutory agencies and service providers over the last few weeks to address these issues. The purpose of these discussions is for suitable facilities to be developed to ensure vulnerable tenants have the level of support they need in appropriate premises.”