Taylor Swift super fan Sarah meets star at ‘Secret Sessions’

Bernie and Sarah, pictured with Taylor Swift.
Bernie and Sarah, pictured with Taylor Swift.

A local Taylor Swift superfan has told of the ‘surreal’ experience of meeting the star in her home, where she played her new album and even made them food.

Donegal teenager Sarah Moran has admired and followed the American musician for a number of years and has a popular ‘Tumblr’ page dedicated to the chart topper.

The page has over 10,000 followers and is even followed by Taylor herself.

Sarah, along with her mother Bernie, were recently invited to meet with the ‘Shake It Off’ singer at her home in England, for a ‘Secret Session’ during which she introduced her new album ‘Lover’ to select fans.

Bernie told the ‘Journal’ how she believed the event would be a simple ‘meet and greet,’ but it was so much more.

“I can’t explain how good it was. I assumed we’d go in, meet her, pose for a photo and that would be it really. But Taylor was so generous with her time. We went in at 5pm and left after 11pm, but there were others there until later.

“She knew all the fans by name and wanted to know all about Sarah. She even made food for us and really seemed to care about the fans. She didn’t have anything written down, or anyone whispering in her ear. She is extremely funny and was just a really lovely person.”

Bernie told how fans were treated to an exclusive play of the new album and an explanation from Taylor of the meanings and experiences behind each song.

“She discussed different life experiences and told them how, when she was younger, she just wanted a friend. She also told them not to worry of they’re not the ‘hip’ kid now, their time would come. She sat with all the fans on cushions around her. She is a fantastic role model for young girls.”

Sarah said she ‘couldn’t believe it’ when she received a message from Taylor’s team, inviting her to the top secret event in Buckinghamshire.

Bernie explained that Taylor, who was ‘delighted’ when Sarah presented her with a shamrock necklace, doesn’t necessarily choose those who have the most social media followers to attend the event, and fans were there from all over the world.

Sarah told how the session, which included heart-shaped Rice Krispie buns made by Taylor, was ‘really casual.’

“She was just so open and lovely.”

Sarah described the star’s new album as ‘incredible’ and told how she ‘can’t wait’ until it is officially released.

“It’s so good. The songs are stuck in my head and it’s torture not being able to listen to them.”