This time it's tears of happiness - Cate Conway shares hilarious Stephen Clements prank video involving leopard print leggings

Northern Ireland radio presenter, Cate Conway, has shared one her "favourite" memories of her friend and late broadcaster, Stephen Clements.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 5:40 pm

Cate Conway worked alongside the talented Clements at QRadio before the pair went their separate ways.

The 47 year-old married father of two died suddenly on Tuesday January 7, 2020.

WATCH: Cate Conway shares tearful video of hug Stephen Clements gave her at end of their final radio programme together"Stephen was always looking for a chance to tease me," tweeted Conway on Wednesday.

"Look at the joy in his face when I realise what he’s done.

"This was one of my favourite links ever.

Apologies for the ropey video but it shows his glee and that’s how I want to remember him - full of mischief and so clever," she said.

The video shows Clements and Conway live on air in the QRadio studio.

Stephen Clements.

Conway is heard talking about how her partner reacted at home when he saw her sporting a new pair of leopard print leggings.

"He said 'ah, they are lovely' but the look on his face," said Conway.

However, what Conway didn't realise was that Clements had conspired with her partner.

As Conway finishes telling her story, Clements said "so he said they were lovely but in his head, maybe he was thinking".

Just as Clements finishes his sentence a voice can be heard saying "wow, what the hell are they?".

"Followed by what he would say to placate you," said Clements.

Again, another man's voice is played but this time he says "oh, they are really nice".

The other voice was that of Conway's partner who Clements conspired with by asking him to record himself saying a few things about the leggings.

"Well, I am a bit raging because that's his actual voice," said Conway.

Clements then struggles to keep it together as he continues to laugh.

At the end of the clip, Conway walks across the studio floor and embraces her friend Stephen Clements with a hug.