Top and unusual baby names revealed

The most popular first names given to babies born in Northern Ireland over the past year have been revealed.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 1:39 pm
Traditional names have made a comeback.

Traditional names have made spmething of a comeback, with James, Noah and Grace proving the most popular among parents of newborns.

The Baby Names 2018 statistics was published this week by the NI Statistics and Research Agency.

Since official reporting of baby names began in 1997, this is the second time that Grace has been the most popular girls’ name, a position held jointly with Emily in 2013. James has been the most popular boys’ name for the past four years, joined by Noah this year for the first time.

In terms of boys’ names, Jack (which held the top spot for 12 consecutive years between 2003 and 2014) comes a close third to James and Noah in popularity, followed by Charlie. Leo joined the boys’ top 10 for the first time, with the highest climbers between 2017 and 2018 being Tommy, Theo and Hunter.

Axl, Blaze, Hendrix, Phoenix and Wolf on the other hand, were some of the less common names given to baby boys in 2018.

In terms of girls’ names, Emily has fallen from the top place in 2017 to take second place, with Olivia in third. The highest climbers in popularity between 2017 and 2018 were Rosie, Sadie and Saoirse.

Less common names given to baby girls in 2018 were Disney, Hermione, Moana, Storm and Zandaya.

The report states: “Birth registrations in 2018 included over 900 baby names that had not been used before. Blockbuster movies, popular television series, current celebrities and memorable places continue to appear to be influencing factors for some parents.”

Top 10 baby names in Northern Ireland, 2018


1. James – 217 Babies

1. Noah – 217 Babies

3. Jack – 201 Babies

4. Charlie – 191 Babies

5. Daniel – 154 Babies

5. Jacob – 154 Babies

7. Oliver – 151 Babies

8. Harry – 150 Babies

9. Thomas – 142 Babies

10. Leo – 137 Babies


1. Grace – 221 Babies

2. Emily – 203 Babies

3. Olivia – 178 Babies

4. Sophie – 155 Babies

5. Ella – 151 Babies

6. Amelia – 140 Babies

7. Isla – 135 Babies

8. Anna – 128 Babies

9. Lily – 125 Babies

10. Lucy – 124 Babies