Trial of Derry principal Michael Dobbins hears from alleged victim

The trial of a Derry principal of a special needs school accused of rape and sexual assault charges against a female pupil has heard from the alleged victim in the case.

Michael Dobbins.
Michael Dobbins.

The woman was being cross-examined by Brian McCartney KC representing the accused.

Michael Dobbins (54) of Greenhaw Road in Derry is charged with six counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual activity with a female who by reason of a mental disorder could not consent.

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All of the offences are alleged to have occurred on dates between January 1, 2013 and February 23, 2015.

During cross-examination, the woman was asked about rules in the school. She agreed there were rules and one of them was no hugging. The woman admitted that she had been spoken to by her teacher about hugging.

She was asked had she ever watched pornographic videos on her devices and she said she had not.

Mr McCartney asked her did she understand what pornography was and she said she didn’t want to say.

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He explained briefly that it involved adults with no clothes on and again asked her had she ever watched it and again she replied no.

The woman said she had told a friend at the school about an incident where she claimed Dobbins ‘had pointed to his middle and asked me to suck.’

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Earlier the jury had heard the transcript of one of the interviews the woman had with police in which she claimed he had taken a video of her performing a sexual act on him.

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Trial of Derry principal Michael Dobbins on rape charges commences
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She told police she had a mobile phone and an iPad which she used to listen to music.

The woman told police she had Dobbins’ number on her phone and had called him once in relation to a school matter.

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She was asked had she any photos of the accused on her phone and she said she had only as part of a group of people.

The woman then alleged that the accused had ‘filmed or videoed’ her on his phone while she was performing a sex act on him.

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She was asked how did she know he was filming her and she claimed he had an iPad and was pressing to record.

The woman was asked did Dobbins tell her he was recording or show her any pictures and she said no.

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The woman told police that was the only occasion this had happened.

The trial continues.