VIDEO: Youtuber Adam B surprised special Derry fans for Christmas

Derry Youtuber Adam B surprised some of his top fans by planning a top secret to their homes at Christmas.

Adam B and his team selected fans who have had a tougher year than most and liaised with parents and family members to ensure the visit was a huge surprise.

The heartwarming video is now available on Adam B’s youtube channel and shows Adam travelling around the city and sneaking into peoples homes with his dad and friend Conor.

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Speaking on the project, Adam B said: “We’ve been planning this for a few months now and I am delighted it all went so smoothly. I am so grateful to all my younger fans who follow me and support my content. I knew I wanted to give back to them in some capacity. We have done some surprises to fans before but never on this scale, we wanted to elevate things as we closed out 2021.

Reading about the hardships some of my fans had faced over the past year was a catalyst for me wanting to do this. I wish I could do even more but if this small gesture brightens up their Christmas in some capacity, then I am happy that we helped make them feel some excitement even just for a little bit. It felt like a covert operation trying to sneak into their homes without getting caught, but so much fun seeing their reactions!”

Nineteen fans from across the north were surprised. Each has a story of personal hardship and endurance, from illness, loss of a loved one to taking on the role of a primary carer for their parents.

Adam continued: “I cannot even begin to fathom what some of these young people have had to go through or continue to go through in their daily lives. They are such brave individuals and are an inspiration to me and a credit to their family and friends.”

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