Pet FBI says scale of dog problem in locally ‘shocking’

Pet FBI emblem.
Pet FBI emblem.

A Derry charity set up in response to Derry’s unwanted pets explosion have urged people to think through the responsibilities that come with owning a dog.

Pet FBI was set up a few years ago online by a group of friends from Derry City as a way to help stray, abandoned and lost animals be reunited with their owners or find a new home, and their Facebook page currently has over 12,000 ‘likes’.

Chairman Daniel Hogan said that since then demand for services has snowballed, and they have even rehomed or reunited a ferret, donkey and goats as well as countless dogs and cats across the north west and beyond.

Mr Hogan said: “We receive at least five calls a day to take in a stray or unwanted pet. We do it from our own houses- there’s eight fosters that take them into their houses and sometimes you have to take two dogs in.

“The scale of unwanted or stray dogs is shocking more than anything- people decide to get a dog and don’t think it through. We get stories about all sorts of things, family break-ups etc, and the dog suffers. You need to have back-up plans whenever you are considering a dog.

“Every other rescue centre is in exactly the same position, they are all bursting. I would urge people if they are getting a dog to think and through and to consider adopting a dog.”

Pet FBI- which completely rely on donations from the public, has applied for charitable status and have a long-term goal to open up a new animal shelter in Derry.