Petrol prices highest in Donegal

Petrol pump.
Petrol pump.
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Derry motorists crossing the border into Donegal have been told to ‘shop around’ after the county was found to be the most expensive for filling up a tank of petrol.

The AA found petrol in Donegal cost an average of 128.1 cent per litre, 1.6c higher than the national average. The more expensive county for diesel, however, is Wicklow with an average price of 116.3, 3.5c above the national average according to the AA.

AA Director of Consumer Affairs Conor Faughnan said while there were garages were cheaper prices and “good value” can be found, the prices in these counties as a whole were “ahead of the norm.”

He added that Donegal’s geography as a cross-border county - with motorists crossing the border to avoid higher prices -coupled with its rural nature makes it “unsurprising” that it was a “relatively expensive county.”

He added: It is certainly worth shopping around for the best deal.”